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Like Me by Katharine Light

Like Me - Book One

It’s summer 2008 and Jessica drives two hundred miles back to Manchester for her twenty-year school reunion. She had planned to have her life so much more together by now. She had not expected to be a divorced, exhausted mother of two small children. 

When she turns up on old friend Sam’s doorstep, her secret crush for most of her teens, she realises how much they have in common. He’s a divorced father of three, and despite the open hostility of Kate, his elder daughter, and the two families living so far apart, she cannot stop her fantasy life fast-forwarding to an idyllic happy ending…

Both Jess and Sam have reasons not to delve into the past; particularly the episodes involving James, the larger-than-life leader of their teenage pack, who is a newly elected Member of Parliament.

But, when Sam invites Jess to come to James’s wedding, it’s an invitation she can’t resist…

You Too by Katharine Light

Me Too - Book Two

Set in 2009, Me Too picks up the story of Anna and Rob, old friends of Jessica and Sam. Anna is the only one of the old school crowd to not have children, and most of the time she can ignore the increasingly desperate voice in her head, reminding her that her arms are empty. She would never have considered going it alone, but when she encounters Rob again, at the wedding of mutual friends, he sees her needs and desires in a way she can no longer ignore.

Why does a child need to be brought into a stable family situation? She’s a competent professional. She could do it alone. All she needs is a willing helper, and when she propositions Rob—perhaps because she remembers him as the gawky, lovable almost-Goth of their teens—their shared history gives her a sense of security. What could possibly go wrong?

Coming June 2024

You Too - Book Three - Coming November 2024

Not You - Book Four - Coming June 2025

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