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The need for flexibility

Change can be scary. What we know feels safe. It’s tempting to avoid change and stick with the status quo.

And sometimes, you have to do something different.

When I tried uploading Like Me, this first novel, to Amazon and it was too long to sell at a sensible price (print costs are taken out of author royalties), I had to make some changes.

So. A shorter book. A new, slimmer paperback cover. New ending. A story in which not everything neatly resolves.

In a way, it feels more truthful, because often life doesn’t neatly resolve.

Luckily this first book, Like Me, is the beginning of a series. Book two, Me Too, is set in 2009. It focuses on Anna and Rob, two characters we meet in book one, as well as continuing the story of Jess and Sam…

Now, how can I keep this second book to a reasonable length? Maybe it ends in a different place too…

Which would mean book three starting somewhere else…

Which could result in…

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